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  • SASIG Policy Director Chris Cain met with the Aviation Minister, Robert Courts, at the British and Irish Airports Expo on the 23rd June 2022. He reported on the event and his conversation with the Minister at the members meeting on the 6th July 2022.
  • On the 30th June 2022, SASIG Chairman Keith Artus attended the levelling up event, ‘Realising regional growth: What next for the West Midlands?’, at the millennial point, Birmingham. Taking the opportunity to talk to current and former SASIG members at this major regional growth event. Hosted by the centre for cities, he reported on the event and conferences at the members meeting on the 6th July 2022.
  • SASIG Chairman Keith Artus was one of the guest speakers at the Westminster Travel Forum’s conference: ‘Next steps for drone regulation and use in the UK’ held on 31 January 2023.

SASIG Exhibits at the British and Irish Airports EXPO

We attended several of the parallel conference events, speaking to representatives across the industry across the two days, 22nd and 23rd June 2022, and welcoming the Minister for Aviation, Robert Courts, to the stand when he visited the Expo on the 23rd June 2022.

SASIG Engages with UK government

Policy director Chris Cain reported to the last Chairmans Advisory Group (CAG) that the extent of SASIG’s engagement with Whitehall departments and their agencies has increased materially over the last 3 years as SASIG has become the recognised voice for local government on civil aviation issues. SASIG is currently a member of the following consultation groups: 

  • Airspace strategy board (airspace modernisation)
  • ANEG (Noise and environment)
  • ACOG Advisory panel (Airspace master plan)
  • Future of Flight challenge (New technologies)

Other News

A letter from the LGA Chairman, Lord Porter, complimenting SASIG on its annual report to the Leadership Board and welcoming the Group’s achievements can be seen here.

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