Advancing Aviation Policy

Advancing Sustainable Aviation Policy on Behalf of Local Communities

SASIG’s objectives are:

  • To promote the need for long-term, sustainable aviation policies that lead to a reduction in the environmental impact of aviation whilst securing appropriate social and economic benefits.
  • To increase understanding of the local and global impacts of aviation on the environment and communities.
  • To identify and promote the changes needed to move towards sustainable aviation practices within the industry and Government.
  • To work with other organisations and the Government on the formulation of policy advice.
  • To lead on sustainable aviation policy and help influence both the direction of travel and engagement in local issues through our representative presence.
  • To work with local authorities to promote policies on environmental, economic, social and community sustainability.


For example, in March 2017, SASIG met with Lord Ahmad (then the Minister of Aviation) to introduce SASIG and discuss its recent work and policy areas that are of greatest interest to our members.

In early 2016 SASIG prepared a collective response to the Airports Commission’s final report on airport expansion in the South East. We sent this response to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Office as well as to members of the Airports sub-committee and we met with Robert Goodwill MP, then the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Transport, to discuss the issue.