SASIG Newsletter – October 2019 

Editor’s Highlights   

Despite the fact Parliament was prorogued and a General Election called, October was nevertheless a busy month for aviation in Parliament with:

  • a Bill on Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft having been introduced into the Lords;
  • the publication of an SI setting out guidance on responsibilities relating to the ICAO Balanced Approach (EU Regulation 598/2014); and
  • Transport Questions in both the Commons and Lords.

Details are provided below alongside the usual summary of aviation related PQs.

Other highlights to note are: a CAA consultation on surface access policy in relation to Heathrow (CAP 1787), the start of the main statutory consultation on Luton’s DCO proposals, the question-marks being raised by all the main political parties during the election campaign about Heathrow R3 and DfT confirmation that the Aviation Strategy White Paper will not now be completed until the summer of 2020 at the earliest. A change of administration in Whitehall is likely to result in a major review of work on the Aviation Strategy undertaken thus far and consequently an even longer delay.

Monthly Highlights

  • 3rd October – Government publishes guidance for major airports in England and Wales clarifying the requirements of the noise-related operating restrictions regulations of 2018 relating to the ICAO Balanced Approach (EU regulation 598/2014). 
  • 8th October – Parliament was prorogued until 14th October 2019.
  • 17th October – PM agrees a Brexit deal with the EU.
  • 17th October – CAA publishes CAP 1787: Surface Access Policy in relation to Heathrow Airport.
  • 22nd October – Government introduces its Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill into the House of Lords.  Further details can be seen here
  • 29th October – General election is announced for December.

Events, Meetings and Conferences

  • SASIG Meetings7th November 2019: 11am-1pm: SASIG full meeting (Venue: LGA, Smith Square, London)
  • 26th February 2020: 11am-1pm: SASIG full meeting (Venue: LGA, Smith Square, London)
  • 17th July 2020: 11am-1pm: SASIG full meeting (Venue: LGA, Smith Square, London)

External Conferences

Parliamentary and Government News

  • 8th-14th October – Parliament was prorogued.
  • 29th October – General election announced for December.

Transport Questions:  House of Commons: 

24th October – Transport Sustainability

A question was asked regarding what steps are being taken to improve transport sustainability including aviation emissions.  Further details may be seen here.

24th October – No deal Brexit: Airports

A question was asked regarding what recent assessment has been made of the potential effect on airports of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Details can be seen here.

24th October – Heathrow Airport: Third Runway

A question was asked regarding the recent assessment that has made of the financial viability of the proposed Heathrow third runway. Details can be seen here.

Transport Questions:  House of Lords

7th October – Air Services (Competition) (Amendment and Revocation) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

Baroness Vere of Norbiton (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State) asked that the regulations laid before the House on September 5th be approved. Details can be seen here.

22nd October – Government introduces its Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill into the House of Lords.  Further details can be seen here

28th October – Local Authorities: Tourism

Baroness Doocey asked what consideration Government has given to granting local authorities more powers to manage their local tourism industries. Details can be seen here.

29th October – Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Lord Berkeley asked what plans the Government has to give new duties to regulators to promote the achievement of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Details may be seen here.

Parliamentary Questions: 

Q.1. Question (1950) asked by Gillian Keegan (Chichester) on 18 October 2019: “To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what recent assessment he has made of the merits of introducing (a) fuel duty or (b) VAT on aviationfuel”.

A. Simon Clarke on 28 October 2019: “In line with international conventions to which the UK is party, the government does not tax commercial aviation fuel. The government taxes airlines through Air Passenger Duty to ensure the aviation industry contributes to the cost of public services”.

Q.2. Question (1602) asked by Paul Farrelly (Newcastle under Lyme) on 17 October 2019: “To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan will apply to international (a) aviation and (b) shipping; and what steps he is taking to ensure that those sectors achieve net zero emissions by 2050”.

A. George Freeman on 22 October 2019: “The Transport Decarbonisation Plan will consider the transport sector as a whole and the increased contribution that all modes need to make to achieve an economy-wide net zero target by 2050. Given the global nature of the aviation and shipping sectors sector, and their climate change impacts, effective and coordinated international action remains essential. Unilateral action by a single state leads to the risk that these highly mobile carbon emissions are simply moved overseas, therefore failing to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. The UK will continue its leadership role at the IMO pushing for the most ambitious measures to reduce GHG emissions from ships and negotiate for ICAO to agree a long-term emissions reduction goal by its 41st Assembly in 2022. Government will keep our approach to the inclusion of international shipping and aviation emissions in our legislation under review, taking account of progress in the IMO and ICAO”.

Q.3. Question (2719) asked by Andrew Rosindell (Romford) on 21 October 2019: “To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what estimate he has made of the number of people in Romford constituency that are adversely affected by night flights to and from City Airport”.

A. Pending Paul Maynard on 29 October 2019: “London City Airport has night time operating restrictions set as part of a planning agreement between the airport and the London Borough of Newham. These restrictions ban operations during the night period from 22.30-06.30, except for emergencies. These restrictions therefore minimise night flight disturbance to areas such as Romford from aircraft operating out of London City Airport”.

Q.4. Question (1556) asked by David Davis (Haltemprice & Howden) on 17 October 2019: “To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what recent progress he has made on ensuring the maintenance of flights to and from Europe after the UK has left the EU”.

A. Chris Heaton-Harris on 25 October 2019: “The UK and EU have both put in place measures to ensure that flights can continue in any EU Exit scenario. In a no deal scenario, the EU’s adopted Regulation on connectivity gives UK airlines the right to fly to and from the EU from the day of exit until a proposed date of October 2020, allowing time to progress longer-term arrangements. The UK has stated we will reciprocate these rights for EU airlines. Both sides are committed to maintaining connectivity”.

Q.5. Question (621) asked by Jonathan Lord (Woking) on 15 October 2019: “To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what steps his Department is taking to promote greener alternatives for (a) long-distance and (b) international transport”.

A. George Freeman on 23 October 2019: “Transport needs to undergo radical transformation to meet our legally binding carbon budgets and achieve net zero by 2050. The UK’s first Transport Decarbonisation Plan was announced on 15 October and will bring together a bold and ambitious programme of coordinated action needed to end the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050. It will build on our existing modal strategies, including Road to Zero, the Aviation Green Paper, the Clean Maritime Plan and our work with the Rail Decarbonisation Task Force and OLEV and is expected to be complete next year”.

National and Regional News

2nd October – London Assembly responds to London City Airport’s ‘Draft Master Plan. Their Environment Committee is opposed to any increase in City Airport’s operational hours.

2nd October –  SoS urged to review Heathrow third runway. Lawyers for Heathrow Hub who are offering an alternative, have written to Grant Shapps. 

3rd October – St. Albans Council keeps objections to relaxing noise rules at Luton Airport. Airport has asked permission to relax current controls to limit aircraft noise on the ground.

4th October – Birmingham Airport objects to 51-storey skyscraper being built. It’s concerned it could pose a danger to aircraft.

7th October – Logan Air expands with 4 new routes out of Cornwall Airport Newquay. 2020 will see flights to Newcastle, Norwich, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

8th October – Architectural consultant sought for Blackpool Airport. That person will initially be required to undertake a number of short feasibility studies into airport’s regeneration.

8th October – Surrey CC says rail link to Heathrow must be built before airport expansion. They say they would not support expansion without it.

9th October – Second consultation announced for Luton Airport expansion. It will run from October 16 – December 16 this year. Plans include a second terminal north of the runway.
10th October – Norwich Airport scheme to get 1.4million passengers gets City Hall backing. Councillors agreed at a meeting yesterday to endorse the Masterplan.
11th October – Teesside International Airport plan to recruit new MD. The new recruit is wanted to help deliver the airport’s 10-year rescue plan.
12th October – Climate change concerns leave councillors split over Bristol Airport expansion. Three of the region’s council leaders are not in agreement over the plans.
13th October – Green councillors hit out over funding for Leeds Bradford Airport transport links amid ‘climate emergency’. Further details can be seen here.
14th October – Norwich Airport is getting a maintenance hub. Construction work has begun as part of a £7m plan to introduce an aircraft maintenance hangar and workshop.
16th October – 2nd Luton Airport consultation opens to the public today. Its owners want to build a second terminaland increase passenger numbers to 32 million a year by 2039.
17th October – Shadow Chancellor says Heathrow expansion challenges will succeed. He says third runway ‘cannot stand’ as court of appeal challenges begin.
17th October – Beans means fuel at Stansted Airport. In a new green scheme, coffee grounds from the airport will be turned into fuel.
18th October – Planners have decided on whether a bid to reopen Manston Airport as a cargo hub should go ahead.  The decision has yet to be made public. 
19th October – An article in ‘My London’ about why Terminal 1 at Heathrow no longer exists can be seen here.
20th October – London Biggin Hill Airport sees significant scope for growth. It shows an increase in its share of London business aviation traffic. 
21st October – Southampton Airport to submit expansion plans to council. Bosses believe the plan will allow the airport to double passenger numbers over the next 5-10 years.

22nd October – TUI base 4th jet at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. It is set to bring 136,000 new seats a year, on two new routes and increased frequency to 10 existing destinations.

23rd October – An article in ‘The Ecologist’ discussing noise pollution at Bristol Airport and calling for expansion to be dropped can be seen here.

23rd October – Aviation Minister meets St Albans MP and campaigners to discuss Luton Airport expansion. They are mostly concerned about noise pollution.

25th October – Hydrogen refuelling station opens at Gatwick Airport. It uses electricity via a renewable energy contract and water to generate hydrogen on-site with no need for deliveries.

25th October – London Mayor attacks London City Airport expansion plans. He says that ‘unfettered growth is not an option”.

26th October – Someone made 1,181 complaints in one day about noise at Liverpool Airport. It works out at almost one complaint per minute on the day in question in August.

27th October – Comments on survey conducted regarding proposed Bristol Airport expansion can be seen here.

28th October – An article in ‘My London’ detailing facts about the proposed London Heathrow third runway expansion can be seen here.

30th October – Gatwick Airport trials scheme to speed up boarding process. It could cut boarding times by 10%.

30th October – Plans are revealed for £30million Manchester Airport facility. A new cargo facility will be built at the airport’s World Freight Terminal.

Other Aviation Industry News

3rd October – Government publishes guidance for major airports in England and Wales clarifying the requirements of the noise-related operating restrictions regulations of 2018. 

5th October – Dublin Airport is planning for a no-deal Brexit. DAA offers assurances that services will continue with ‘relatively minimal operational impacts’.

7th October – Aer Lingus rejects DAA claim lower passenger levy will impede airport. Airline CE said it would pass on to its customers the proposed 15% reduction in passenger charge.

8th October – Glasgow Airport is first in UK to introduce a fleet of zero-emission electric buses to its car park operation. They’ll shuttle passengers between terminal and long-stay car park.

9th October – An article in ‘Airport Technology’ about the challenges of funding ground handling operations at UK airports can be seen here.

10th October – Article in ‘Passenger Terminal Today’ by Director, Sustainable Development, AECOM titled ‘Airports and Climate Change – a balancing act’ can be seen here.

11th October – CAA postpones implementation date for new decision-making process for Planned Permanent Redistribution proposals from 1 November 2019 until 1 February 2020.

14th October – An article in RTE titled’ Shannon Airport in the midst of turbulence’ can be seen here

16th October – £25m road aims to boost access to Cardiff Airport. Known locally as Five Mile Lane, it joins the busy A48 and north Barry. 

16th October – An article on Sky News titled ‘UK airport expansion plans make 2050 climate change target unlikely’ can be seen here.

16th October – ACI reports there are now 50 carbon neutral airports in Europe. Further details can be seen here.

17th October – CAA publishes CAP 1787: Surface Access Policy in relation to Heathrow Airport. Further details and access to the document can be seen here.

17th October – Flipboard announces world’s 10 busiest airports which include Heathrow. See the list here.

21st October – Cardiff Airport will receive more money from Government. The Welsh Conservatives said the airport should be sold back to the private sector.

22nd October – Government introduces its Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill into the House of Lords.  Further details can be seen here

23rd October – An article in Airport World about the slow but emerging use of cloud technology at airports can be seen here.

23rd October – Work is underway on new €18 million specialist aircraft painting hangar at Shannon Airport. It will be able to accommodate some of the world’s largest aircraft.

24th October – Edinburgh Airport unveils plans for new East Terminus. More than £20 million is being invested to improve transport access as part of ongoing development works.

25th October – There are no plans to sell off Cardiff Airport says First Minister. There had been some calls for it to be returned to the private sector after ministers agreed new loans.

27th October – Glasgow Airport introduces electric buses. Three battery buses will provide the shuttle service for its long-stay car park.

28th October – An article in ‘Cornish Stuff’ debating on whether the county needs to be the base for a proposed spaceport can be seen here.

28th October – Poll finds ‘over half’ of people are concerned about travel plans post-Brexit. The research was carried out by currency exchange firm WeSwap.

30th October – ACI forecasts doubling of air traffic by 2037. Airport industry is preparing to meet surging global demand for air services.

31 October – An article in ‘Airport Technology’ about off-airport check-in technology could cut infrastructure costs can be seen here.

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