PDF Icon Summary of Airports Commission short-listed options on major indicators

The Airports Commission has published its consultation on the three options it has short-listed for increasing the UK’s long-term aviation capacity. The options it is considering are:

1. Gatwick Airport Second Runway.

2. Heathrow Airport Extended Northern Runway (sponsored by Heathrow Hub).

3. Heathrow Airport North West Runway (sponsored by Heathrow Airport Ltd.).

Full details of the consultation and consultation documents are available on the Airports Commission website here. This includes full details of the Commission’s assessment of the bids. The consultation is open until 3 February and seeks stakeholder views on the 3 options for a new runway in the south east of England, and on its assessments of these options. In particular, the Commission wishes to: 

  • test the evidence base it has assembled;
  • understand stakeholders’ views as to the accuracy, relevance and breadth of the assessments it has undertaken; and
  • seek views on the potential conclusions that might be drawn from them.

The Commission is also interested in evidence and ideas about improving the short-listed options (e.g. through mitigation measures to address specific impacts). 

The attached report is a brief summary of what the Commission believes will be the impacts of the three options, on some major indicators, such as the economy, costs of delivery noise and housing for example.