PDF Icon Key themes and challenges for regional airports, from the Airports Commission’s ‘Discussion Paper 6: Utilisation of the UK’s Existing Airport Capacity’

This report is based on the views of the respondents to the Commission’s Discussion paper 6. While it is recognised that the key stakeholders in this area are Airline and Airport operators, this report aims to represent the views of a range of stakeholders with a regional voice, including (but not limited to): Local government, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Chambers of Commerce; Local transport and other representative groups.

It represents views from across the UK in an attempt to present a coherent picture of the aviation related challenges outside London. It should be borne in mind however that sometimes these views inevitably conflict – particularly where the views of regional stakeholders attempt to prioritise their own local challenges. Where this is the case a cross-section of these diverging views are represented.

The report presents these views under five headings: the level of connectivity to/from regional airports, future connectivity issues, market consolidation, supporting regional airports and a fully integrated national and regional policy approach.