PDF Icon  Heathrow Airport: FlyQuiet Programme

Heathrow launched its ‘Fly Quiet programme’, becoming the first UK airport to list airlines according to their noise performance. Every three months the airport have committed to produce a ‘Fly Quiet table’ which will take the top 50 Heathrow airlines (by number of flights per quarter) and list them according to six noise related criteria. The airlines receive a red/amber/green rating for each criterion, as well as an overall score which allows airlines to understand how they are performing in relation to other airlines. If they are not meeting the minimum performance targets, Heathrow will work closely with them to improve their rating.

The six noise metrics

Airlines were consulted on which metrics would be used to compile the Fly Quiet league table. Each metric will be assigned a ‘Red, Amber, Green’ status based on the performance bands set for that indicator. As a result operators towards the top of the table will typically have more ‘green scores’ than those towards the bottom. Because scores fluctuate within a band it is possible for an airline with all green scores to sit further down the table, than those with amber or red scores. Individual metric scores will not be published. The ratings are corrected for the number of flights flown by each airline so airlines with more flights are not penalised.’

The metrics which make up the Fly Quiet League Table are:

1. Noise quota count/seat/movement

2. Noise Certification 

3. Arrival Operations

4. Departure Operations 

5. Night time Operations 1: arrivals prior to 0430

6. Night time Operations 2: unscheduled arrivals prior to 0600