PDF Icon ONS Overseas Travel and Tourism Q2 2013

This report contains estimates of completed international visits to and from the UK and earnings and expenditure associated with these visits. The estimates are derived from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) conducted by ONS at all major air and Eurostar ports in the UK as well as on sea and Eurotunnel routes into and out of the UK.

Compared to a year ago, visits to the UK by overseas residents increased by 5.2 per cent to 8.9 million in quarter 2 2013. The length of visit by overseas residents also increased, with the number of nights spent in the UK rising by 5.0 per cent. In addition, the estimated earnings from these visits increased by 11.9 per cent to £5.2 billion. These trends are a continuation of those observed for the first quarter of 2013.

Visits abroad by UK residents in this quarter, compared to a year ago, increased by 2.7% to 15.9 million. The number of nights spent abroad by UK residents, also increased by 7.6 per cent and expenditure during these visits increased by 7.0 per cent to £9.2 billion, compared with quarter 2 2012.

The tables for  this report can be downloaded from the data section of this publication.