The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are currently undertaking a policy review of the Clean Air Act 1993 in England, and are calling for evidence to support the review. The purpose is to seek views on the evidence base and for submitters to provide additional evidence based on experience and knowledge of the Clean Air Act 1993. Comments and ideas for improving the act and meeting the policy objectives described below, are welcomed. 

Submissions are invited from the public, local authorities and businesses affected by the Clean Air Act such as boiler manufacturers, developers and the food industry.

The Clean Air Acts are now almost sixty years old and have around forty associated regulations and are being reviewed as part of the government’s Red Tape Challenge. There are three main objectives of the review:

  • Reducing burdens on business and local authorities
  • Making environmental rules and regulations more user friendly
  • Maintaining the quality of environmental regulations

The consultation runs from 3 Sep 2013 to 29 Oct 2013.

More details of the consultation can be found here: