6 January 2011

Developing the next generation of fuel efficient, low emission aircraft is the focus of a new research network recently launched at a green aviation symposium at Imperial College London.

 Emissions from the aviation industry currently account for around 3% of global warming, while air travel is expected to increase by approximately 5% per year over the next 20 years. To address these issues, the aviation industry in Europe has agreed to a set of targets that would reduce fuel and carbon dioxide emissions by 50% per passenger kilometre, nitrous oxide emissions by 80% and noise pollution by 50%.

 Imperial College’s’s new Green Aviation Forum will draw together aerospace research from across the College, acting as a conduit for new collaborations between Imperial and the aviation industry. The symposium will provide an opportunity for Imperial academics to discuss the global challenges that the aviation industry faces and how these can be overcome with manufacturers, climate scientists, regulators, airline operators, airport authorities and the Government.