18 December 2010

British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia announced yesterday that they are adding another 317 codeshare flights to their transatlantic joint venture between North America and Europe. This is in addition to the more than 2,700 codeshares that were introduced at the launch of the three airlines’ joint business in October.

 When the business was launched, all of the codeshares were introduced between the UK and US and Spain and the US; the new codeshares see the airlines begin codesharing on flights to Canada, Mexico and many cities across Europe. These new codeshare flights will go on sale from 20 December 2010 with travel starting from 28 December 2010.

 American will add its (AA) code to an additional 57 British Airways flights to 16 destinations and four Iberia flights to two destinations. British Airways will add its (BA) code to 42 additional American flights to 18 destinations and 56 Iberia flights to eight destinations. Iberia will add its (IB) code to 72 American flights in 23 destinations and 86 British Airways flights to 24 destinations.

 In total, as a result of the joint business, British Airways’ code will be published on over 2,800 American and Iberia flights serving more than 366 destinations. American Airlines’ code will be displayed on over 800 British Airways and Iberia flights to 174 destinations, and Iberia will publish its code on more than 90 British Airways and 264 American Airlines flights to 80 destinations. All together, the joint business will serve more than 400 destinations in over 100 countries with more than 5,200 daily flights.