Since the May 2010 General Election, and the formation of a coalition Government, we have entered a new era in aviation policy.

The major airport developments supported in the prevailing policy – the 2003 ‘Air Transport White Paper’ – have been abandoned by the coalition Government. In addition, the High Court has determined the 2003 policy unjustified in
the light of UK climate change policy.

Tough decisions have to be made now about how to reconcile the competing concerns of local communities, passengers, airlines and airport operators.

The coalition Government has set an agenda of ‘localism’ amidst the nation’s essential economic recovery measures. Local Authorities will be called upon to deliver both of these ambitious programmes.

The Government’s forthcoming agenda includes production of the Airports National Policy Statement, and now is an important opportunity for SASIG Authorities to exert influence.

SASIG – Developing UK Aviation Policy, June 2010